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Post under Thick Glass

Post under Thick Glass
Post under Thick Glass

Keep a three square feet and 5mm thick unbreakable Glass Sheet with smooth non-injurious edges; on your desktop. You can then slip some very important memos, that are routine, write on a white sheet with colored sketch pen; slip under glass. This will ensure you don't' miss the routine "thing to do".

Post it notes also works well, but this "Post under Thick Glass" is more tamper proof and reliable. Then now that we have Tablet Computers with Quick Boot and Low Power. You can Install Stickies. Things could not be better.

Make products that last longer, E-Waste has to reduce. Product Emphasis must be "Sensible and Simple". Software and Hardware need to Mutate. The Power of an Operating System is in the Free and Paid Quality Third Party Apps and Products. Netbooks and Tablets are Global and Green. Green, 'cause they draw less power. Global, 'cause its World Wide Web Enabled.

on: 11/6/2020



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