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Modern Marketing Methodologies

Modern Marketing Methodologies
Modern Marketing Methodologies

These were some of the Methods i used since the 80s, I had to sell Instruments manufactured by my own small firm. So these Ancient methods are quite Modern if you extrapolate them with tools like the Internet.

These methods employed were low cost and simple, Pretty effective too.

  1. Snail mass-mail marketing with catalogs.
  2. Cold calls in all Industrial Areas and Corporate Areas.
  3. Listing in Yellow Pages and Color Yellow Pages.
  4. Network of Friends and Contacts and their Networks.
  5. Demos and Samples of Products, 3D products carried by salesman.
  6. Display of Products in Shop or Dealer-Distributor.
  7. Building Rapport with Established Niche Distributors and Dealers.
  8. Customer Support, Service, Warranty, Application Documents.

Never Overdo anything, Marketing or Advertising. The steps taken should be Sober, Sensible and Honest. These methods of promoting of products will work long term.

Trim your Whim

A Marketing Manager is like an elected representative of the customers, He supports the customer and certainly not the management.

This way the customer base improves and sales may zoom. Well then, at least you will make useful things people want,

Design and Make some jazzy product just because the Big Man had a brainwave or whim….Then we will soon need a big Warehouse to Store them for Posterity.

- delabs notes from the 90s to 2019 - Post rewritten and re-posted many times since 1999

on: 7/22/2019



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