EE Circuits


EE Widgets from delabs

EE Widgets from delabs
EE Widgets from delabs

There are EE Web widgets related to learning electronics and also demonstrating the subtle aspects of Product Design Technologies The widgets made by delabs from the iGoogle days, around 2005. These demonstrate solutions for improving usability in devices.

Here i am moving traditional html pages content into an expression-engine cms in the multi-site mode. In this site i have managed to give it a skin with images using an incremental css file. The old Site which has moved many times is here dapj gadget - Pages.

After Google Plus service ended, i am reducing the dependence on external services. I have also removed these projects from github, the code i created more than a decade ago is outdated now. It is also better we depend on ourselves and open-source projects.

Sites are verified with Firefox, Edge and Chrome. Send a feedback if you face any issues. Contact delabs

on: 6/30/2019



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