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Chip-n-Dale landing on Steam Turbines

 Chip-n-Dale landing on Steam Turbines
Chip-n-Dale landing on Steam Turbines

I get letters asking me to supply some of the things that i used to manufacture long ago. If you are an engineer, try making these, a better way possibly, and serve people using online stores. Online shops should offer Cards, Cheque and Cash-On-Delivery to enable all types of customers. Items in a store must reach clients, inside 7 days. Other products should be cataloged with prices, outside store application.

Advertising & Selling

Small manufacturers have to get their profile and products across. Just building a site is not enough, you need to advertise. People search for solutions, by proper advertising you can get tuned/filtered visitors to your website. These people were looking for solutions and you are looking for customers. Other “promotional techniques” get you a lot of visitors. Even “ranking high in search results” gets you “Visitors”.

This traffic is like Kids looking for Chip-n-Dale landing in a Vertical Niche Product Catalog for Steam Turbines. This will just build bandwidth cost for you, but you will have a nice feeling you are getting Visitors. This may even make your site slow for the rare real visitors, who want to buy your products/services. So think smart, nothing comes easy, lot of hard straight honest work.

Written by delabs in 2004

on: 11/21/2020



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