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Privacy Violations by Google

I had begun to move away from google products after iGoogle homepage shutdown. I discontinued more products after the Google Plus Shutdown. Now i use only Blogger and Youtube and am going to move from those two later.

on: 12/16/2020


Chip-n-Dale landing on Steam Turbines

Small manufacturers have to get their profile and products across. Just building a site is not enough, you need to advertise. People search for solutions, by proper advertising you can get tuned/filtered visitors to your website. These people were looking for solutions and you are looking for customers. Other “promotional techniques” get you a lot of visitors. Even “ranking high in search results” gets you “Visitors”.

on: 11/21/2020


Post under Thick Glass

Keep a three square feet and 5mm thick unbreakable Glass Sheet with smooth non-injurious edges; on your desktop. You can then slip some very important memos, that are routine, write on a white sheet with colored sketch pen; slip under glass. This will ensure you don't' miss the routine "thing to do".

on: 11/6/2020


Modern Marketing Methodologies

These were some of the Methods i used since the 80s, I had to sell Instruments manufactured by my own small firm. So these Ancient methods are quite Modern if you extrapolate them with tools like the Internet.

on: 7/22/2019


Small and Big Bizness

If you are a small company you have an ability to grow and improve as adrenaline is working, but many large companies because of inertia lose their core skills this is because they becomes complacent. they shrug off customers and responsibilities. The conclusion is big and small both are equal, one has to consolidate, reform, hive off and be sensible. the other has to be ever look out for opportunities left open.

on: 6/27/2019